"There are normal, lonely guys like me in the world that are starved for affection and human contact. We have to rely on fantasy. You help us do that. You are the purveyor of our fantasies."

I Own Your Orgasms: Session 3


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24 September 2012

If I don’t command it, you won’t have it. Will I let you come this time or won’t I? Will I humiliate you with some profane punishment or encourage your ultimate pleasure? You LOVE not knowing; you live for it. You want to be the helpless one; you want to play along. And I definitely love taking full responsibility for your pleasure as well as your pain.

I’ll count down for you during your little no-touch breaks… I may forget where I was at and start all over… I may forget you’re eager to come at all! Check your patience at the door; I’m simply going to TOY with you this time!!