I think perhaps your clips should include a warning label; because one of these days, someone, is going to have a heart attack. When they say 'looks can kill', they mean when they look as amazing as you do."

Proving the Power of My Platform Heels Against a Sexy Sports Car


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2 November 2009

Do you see this little delicate model sports car zooming into your view? It’s so sexy. Isn’t it? Sleek and beautiful, completely detailed. In fact, I built it myself. But you know, I’m so tempted to really put it to the test. Just how strong is this sexy little car? Or is it just superficially pretty with no real strength at all?

I’m tempted to pounce on it right now with my bare feet, but… maybe I’ll just tease the car a bit. I’m so excited about the prospect of smashing it to tiny bits! Can I?? Next, I’ll carefully prop my feet in high, high, HIGH platform sandals… thick heeled and HUGE! Should I smash the car now? Or just gently press my rubber sole to the roof of this plastic car?

No, I’m going to go all out. I’m going to zip up my legs, toes to thighs, in my sexy domina boots with 7-inch pointy heels. These platforms are going to DESTROY that little car… can you hear that first crack in its windshield, the plastic frame creaking? I’m getting goose bumps all over my body at the anticipation!