“You are the hottest one out there on so many fronts.”

"You are the hottest one out there on so many fronts."

I Know Just What to Do to an Ass Worshiper


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30 April 2011

You think I didn’t see you, that I don’t know why you keep popping up within my view, in the corner of my vision, standing there as if you have no work to do in the office. There’s no official business for you to attend to over here by my desk. No, you’re waiting to catch a glimpse… as I bend over time and again.

You’re a big voyeur, a big time ass worshiper. You can’t help staring at my curvy bum. Well, today is your big day, my pervy coworker. I have a new talent to try on you…something that will allow you to change form and get the closest view of my ass possible… something to change your life, treat you to the view you most admire, and bring you to your ultimate doom. I’m going to smother you between these sexy panty-clad cheeks…