"I have to say that your videos are absolutely incredible! I love the sound of your voice, and the sultry coy look in your eyes."

I Just Can’t Control Myself


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16 September 2014

I’ve been your lab partner for years, your best MALE friend. Together, we’re overseeing a top secret government project and have just collected a mysterious alien virus. Neither of us knows what it’s capable of or how its effects are transferred… but we’re about to find out. Inside our lab, one of us drops the precious container, spilling its contents on the floor.

You, being the quick thinker that you are and the only one of us dutifully wearing full protective gear, run out of the lab, shutting the door behind you and trapping me inside as the lab siren blares and the countdown begins, signaling the beginning of my quarantine. The effects of the virus make themselves known soon enough as you see and hear me transform gradually within the confines of the lab.

I can’t even detect the effects myself at first… but I’m soon quite aware, quite proud, quite lusty, and very manipulative. It’s all down to you now: the safety and security of the planet itself. Will I actually manage to convince you to unlock the door and release me as I become more and more feminine, sexy, and seductive? And then, what will happen if you do??