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Heating It Up in the Kitchen


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10 March 2009

Hmmm, what should I do while those tasty buns are still baking in the oven? Let’s see what’s in this drawer… Oooh, now, that’s a fantastic tool to use in the kitchen! …for devious purposes. Is it naughty of me to get the spatula all dirty? I wish you were here to hold the handle and spank me hard. I really need to be spanked! Just pull the long ribbons of my little lacy apron to the side and whack away. oooh, that feels so good!

And I have just the tool to finish myself off with… a HUGE vibrator! I’m going to work my pussy and clit in every position imaginable – all while I’m wearing NOTHING but this sexy little apron – and come really, really hard for you.

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