"While a fantasy is not supposed to be 'real', you brought a quality that made the idea of it seem real, and that's what it's all about; the idea of it."

Bubblegum Blowing Masturbation


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28 July 2008

I’m just sitting here in my sunny window seat, all tucked in comfortably with my fuzzy pink slippers, pink panties covered in hearts, a white lace bra, and pigtails. I don’t know what the big deal is. I’m just looking out the window and felt like chewing some yummy, pink bubblegum. My little pink vibrator just happened to be there. Really!

I feel silly in front of the camera; I’m not so good at blowing bubbles with my gum and they keep popping on my pouty lips. But it’s so much fun. And my vibrator FEELS so good. You can watch if you want to. But I’m just sitting here blowing bubbles, minding my own business, and getting off as I pop one bubble after another…