"Your performance here consistently awakens a certain intensity that rivals some of my more adventurous encounters; it’s a wonderful feeling."

I Am NOT Wearing This Thing in Public!


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13 August 2013

I can’t believe you call this CLOTHING!  Are you kidding?!  There’s no way that I’m letting anyone see me like this… not even you!  Oh, no… I don’t care what you spent on this so-called swimsuit.  It couldn’t have been much!  It’s the size of a quarter!!  Are you sure you ordered the right size??

It won’t even stay on… it’s definitely not made for real, natural breasts, and why would you want me out in public showing this much of my  bare skin to everyone else?  I’m practically naked!  All right, maybe I’ll flash you a peek… maybe show you the whole “outfit”… but I’ll get REALLY MAD when you lock me outside on the balcony in the broad daylight like this!!  But that way that you look at me… is pretty flattering.