"I don't feel like I'm just watching you. Even though I know it is just a video and you're not really interacting with me, I can't help but become absorbed into your narrative."

Hypnotizing You with My Sexy New Belt to Buy Me Everything I Want


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1 September 2011

Are you really going to give me a hard time about going shopping again? I didn’t even fill up your credit card. I barely used it. I just needed a few things. In fact, I’d really LOVE to show you this particular new belt I just picked up. It’s SO in fashion right now!

Don’t worry about the brand name or how much it cost. I forgot those things already anyway… aren’t you blinded by the beauty of my newest acquisition? Wouldn’t you love to see it pulled tight around my waist? But first, come look at it more closely. See how shiny this sexy belt buckle is? Can you see your reflection in it? Or mine?

Doesn’t it just dazzle you… relax you… make you feel like focusing on my softly spoken words? That’s it, just go with it. Enjoy a nice long break… you deserve it. And I deserve more out of my relationship with you. For now on, you’re going to buy me anything I ask for…

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