"You seem to be actually into your videos no matter the subject and you are really great at acting out some of the more fantastical scenes."

My Sweet, Sexy, and Sadistic Pillow Talk… You Know You Love It!


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15 September 2010

Mmmm… that’s right baby. I’m looking for your wallet. I don’t see where you left it for me. You know you love spoiling me, obeying me… and being in my control. Now, where’s that cash? Do you know how much I love using you and keeping you tightly wound round my little finger?

You’ll do anything I want, won’t you? And I’ll just keep talking sweetly to you, sadistically sweet, until you give me everything I want and are left with nothing at all. Oh, you’re so good to me, baby. All I have to do is coo at you, talk softly to you while batting my eyelashes, and you’re putty in my wicked little hands…