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Hmmm, I Wonder How Much My Giant Breasts Weigh…


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21 June 2009

I have some sexy new bras to try on. They should be just big enough to cover my growing tits! These things are so heavy… wow, even while being carried by my bra!

And look… the sides of my boobs still poke out the sides. I may never find a bra that fits perfectly! Let me try this other one… there, that’s better. What size it? Oh, no wonder! Wow… my breasts really are heavy. I can tell when I lift them in my hands and try to weigh them.

Hmmm.. I wonder how much they actually do weigh… do you think I could actually get them on a scale to find out? I have to try! First both boobs in my bra, than without a bra, then one by one… and the verdict is….

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