"Tara is so hot, her voice so arousing, and she can be pretty damn funny too. Freekin awesome."

Who’s in Control Now? You’ve Managed to Fatten Up your Mistress


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12 July 2010

You love a nice, curvy woman’s bottom. And a big, bulging belly? Rolls of fat, chubby ankles, pudgy legs, loose upper arms, and bursting cleavage? How about thick thighs, a jiggling ass, and even a plumped up pussy? Wouldn’t you just love to submit your own dominating mistress to all of that?

You’d love to admire her bigger bum, her growing body, her sexy outfits growing increasingly tighter and forced to stretch and strain against her expanding body. Clever you has already been fattening her up, secretly, all along, thanks to your personal task of cooking for and feeding your sexy mistress.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to watch her notice her own body and realize just how big she’s become? …squeezing her own thick sides, pinching her skin, squeezing into her favorite clothes, and complaining all the way? Look in on her now…