"Your work should but won't earn you the Nobel Peace Prize. You calm people the world over. "

High-Speed Masturbation Marathon: Back to Basics Edition


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20 March 2018

Let’s be honest here.  You’re not completing my infamous marathons.  After all this time, after all your trials, you still can’t get through one and cross the finish line.  Maybe you haven’t been quite following along, maybe you haven’t picked up every tool and technique I’ve taught.  Oh, you’re brimming with enthusiasm, and your cock is hard as a rock, BUT you lack discipline.  We’re going back to square one.

Oh, this won’t be easy, it IS a marathon.  It’s time to train your properly, as you’ve failed to follow along in the past.  You’re watching this for a reason; we’re going to have you fit and finishing like a true champ.  You’re going to beat this marathon… and tackle all other advanced editions as I know you’re capable of.