“I came upon your site at clips4sale.com today and had to inform you of your beauty and superiority.”

"I came upon your site at clips4sale.com today and had to inform you of your beauty and superiority."

Growing Old Enough to Appreciate Your Step Aunt’s Hot Body and Be Rewarded


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19 August 2010

I had NO idea. I swear! I’ve undressed in front of my step-nephew time and again. We’ve always taken these little trips together, ever since he was new to the family. It’s our quality time together, and I love ensuring that I’m still his favorite auntie!!

I just didn’t think about it, didn’t realize that he IS all grown up now, the hormones must be surging, and the sight of a woman’s naked body just might… oh, I just can’t think of it! Not MY body! I’m his step-aunt! It was all so innocent.

We had such a fun day at the pool, returning to our little hotel room, and enjoying all that time together without his parents around. I was just peeling off my wet bikini like I always do… and that I have done in front of my step-nephew before. but this time… well, I caught him watching and then noticed his surprisingly grownup dick was all hard! Worse yet, he started jerking it… right there as I stood in front of him! What was I to do?!?

I didn’t want to embarrass him further, or teach him that masturbating is wrong. I didn’t want to frighten him or unexpectedly affect his little mind for life. I had no choice. I had to help show him those thoughts and urges are natural… so I let him continue to watch me and… I admit, it was very flattering that he was turned on by my much more mature body. In fact, I kind of liked his eyes on me, the intensity of his jerking, and the obvious response his very adult cock was enjoying.

That’s all it was. Just an innocent little striptease… and maybe I stepped over the line encouraging him to come a second time for me but… at least he knows that there’s nothing wrong with being turned on by a sexy older woman!

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