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Giggling, Teasing, and Making It Nearly Impossible for You to Come


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12 April 2018

You’re dying to jerk to me.  I can see it in your eyes.  I’m going to let you… but you’re going to do it MY way.  If you can’t tell already, I’m in the mood to play… to toy with you… to tease you… to teach you a new game.  I’m going to give you a limited number of strokes.  Yes, you only get so many… as I countdown, you match the pace of my counting: one stroke per number.

Yes!  …faster, slower, maybe even having to stop in between… I can’t guarantee I’ll remember what number I’m on either.  Truthfully, I’m trying to make sure that it’s actually impossible for you to come.  Well, unless you’re REALLY good… which I seriously doubt.  Oh, I’ll be teasing, showing off, positively jumping out of my seat with joy at your frustration.  I’ll be giggling, unpredictable, feigning pity, but always cute… and oh-so innocent…

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