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Generously Giving of Myself for the Sexually Frustrated Men in the Neighborhood


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25 April 2011

I do what I can. I know what these poor men these days go through. Younger women just don’t seem to have any self-respect, no morals, no concern for their male counterparts at all. They just flaunt themselves on the streets, show off their legs in short skirts and dresses, and emphasize their feminine curves with startlingly high heels. The audacity!

No wonder so many men are irretrievably frustrated these days! There’s so much pent up sexual desire… all instigated by women in their sexy high heels. No wonder men develop these fetishes! And I feel great sympathy for them.

I try to help out how I can among the men in my own neighborhood, offering to help them release all of that frustration caused by those ruthless, scantily clad women elsewhere. If a man needs to look at my pretty heels and rub one out so he can go about his day, I’m there for him!

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