"I'd concluded that the only great porn comes from Japan. Then I found you."

Following in Your Dad’s Footsteps – Part 3


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28 December 2011

How do you feel today, my little friend? Missing your farther who is no more? Worried that you’ll fall victim to the same fate? Nonsense. I like you. And your current size is so cute. I know, I know… you couldn’t help yourself from coming again and a again. You’re what… 5 inches tall now? My knee-high boots are towering over you, clutching to what seem like my giant feet and impossibly long legs… can you see them all better when I slip out of my tight dress? How do you like the view from down there?

I’ve decided that you’ve come enough; now, it’s MY turn. Your wife is still watching from the room where she’s been “detained,” and… I’m in need of a dildo… what could I possibly use for one? Let me have a look around… oh, YOU will do nicely! Would you like to be my orgasm-inducing sex toy?

As I lift you toward my giant pussy, rubbing you and moving you closer and closer to my clit… do you realize that now that your father is gone, his multi-billion company has fallen to you? And do you realize that if anything should happen to you, your father had set up everything to then fall into MY hands? Oh, now, don’t get too excited while sliding within me as I pleasure myself… you know what happens every time you come!