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Following in Your Dad’s Footsteps – Part 2


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15 December 2011

I’m evil. Truly evil. I know it. I’ll admit it. Here you are, all locked up, just as your father is, and you’ve begun shrinking, completely dominated by another woman… your father’s new wife! Look at you… oh, wait. There’s been a new development. Your own new wife came by looking for you since you went missing. She’s watching up there from that camera in the ceiling. Wave to wifey!

Now, she was pointing out to me that since you shot over here looking for your dad, you two never even had a honeymoon. You haven’t even consummated your marriage yet! Poor things! I thought I could help out, considering you’re “all tied up.”

My wedding present to you two is… having your wife enjoy the view while I take your virginity. Don’t forget what happens when you come!! …inside me this time. Oh, oh, is this too much for you??

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