"Your clips are amazing and so realistic, something the erotic industry has been lacking for a long time."

Following in Your Dad’s Footsteps – Part 1


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9 December 2011

I was just minding my own business, tending to this beautiful home your father bought me, and you just had to stop by. It was YOUR choice. Remember that? You wanted to see him, you wanted to know why he missed your wedding. I handed you the keys I was wearing around my neck and pointed you in the direction of the basement.

When you came back, what did you expect to find? Did you not know your stepmother is a dominatrix, from the tip of my thigh-high latex boots to my cleavage spilling over the top of my tight corset? Didn’t you see that glint in my eye? A real man would recognize it. And I was patient enough to explain exactly what happened to your father left naked and locked in the basement. Are you next?

Why, you might try to fight the urge to take in all of me within your view, but you can’t win that one for long. You’re going to have to look, and you’re going to love what you see. You’re going to long for it, get hard at it, and that’s when I break the news to you that when you come, you’ll shrink.

In fact, EVERY time you come, you’ll shrink. I can almost make you shoot your load just by looking at you, or pointing the toe of my boot at your crotch, or describing how hard your dad came. And then guess what’s gonna happen…