"I have a ton of your clips and really, there's no one quite like you. The perfect woman really. I have wasted a lot of tissues to you, lol."

Follow My Instruction and Come on My Sexy Feet


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29 December 2008

Mmmm, you loved my sexy wrinkled soles… Don’t you! I love to give you exactly what you want. Do you want to see my toes wiggle and the bottoms of my feet all scrunched up into sexy lines and wrinkles? I know you want to see my sexy soles very, very close to you while you stroke your hard cock and follow my masturbation instruction.

Yes, you’re going to take direction from me while enjoying the sexiest of views… my own sexy feet, my long legs, and my entire beautiful body… while I smile and enjoy watching you stroke and stroke for me at my command. I can’t wait to see you come for me. I’ll tell you when and count down for you… on my little toes. Are you ready?

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