"Women like you make guys like me feel amazing, and there's really no appropriate way to express my thanks."

Delighting You with Your Fill of My Sexy Soles and Toes in Pantyhose


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28 February 2010

Come here, you! I know what you want… and I really love to give it to you. You just can’t get enough of my sexy feet, can you? Oooh… and you really love my sheer pantyhose! I’m ready to show it all off for you, just the way you like it.

See my wrinkling soles through my hot pantyhose? Get really close. And my wiggling toes stretching the nylon? I know you love it when I spread and point my toes at you, right in your face! You’re so good at worshiping my feet as they deserve.

What would you like to do with them while they’re modeled and shown off right before you? Kiss them? Lick them? Sniff them? Rub your cock on them? It’s all up to you, my foot hungry friend. Indulge!!

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