"You bring a sense of fun that's missing in so much adult fare, combined with being a VERY good actress."

His Second Lesson


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18 September 2014

Just When Does the Necessary Lesson Itself Become the Very Reason for the Necessity of the Next?

When the phone rings unexpectedly one afternoon, Joey’s guardians wouldn’t possibly presume that their innocent darling is catching the attention of his teacher for all the wrong reasons—again. Not when they’ve addressed the issue of his natural, growing curiosities about the opposite sex so straightforwardly, his maternal influence guiding him through His First Lesson so skillfully with her gentle, hands-on approach.

But the school principal is forced to phone Joey’s parents yet again. This time, Joey’s focus is completely on his teacher… but not at all on what she’s trying to teach him. Joey’s one curiosity has led to another; and, just like the first, it demands immediate attention. And so, the line between lesson and real-life experience continues to blur.

It’s time to teach Joey that his latest habit of classroom disruption is inappropriate… by distracting him with a new lesson in the anatomy of the opposite sex.

Her at-home, firsthand approach worked so well the first time, so it must be the best way to teach Joey something new.

Her Attentive, Delicate, Hands-on Approach ~ His Innocent Curiosity Quenched ~ Their First-Time Taboo Moments Shared

(Original story written by my little sister, Tina Tirrell and continuing from “His First Lesson.”)