“You are one of the best adult performers I’ve ever experienced.”

"You are one of the best adult performers I've ever experienced."

Erupting in a Sexy She-Hulk Orgasmic Nightmare


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27 March 2013

I had no idea what was in store for me when I crawled into my safe, cozy bed for a dream-filled sleep.  Tucked into my soft pajamas, I started to toss and turn, engaged in a nightmare of my deepest imagination.  When I woke – or did I wake?? – I was surprised by my own strength… I couldn’t speak… I felt like GROWLING!

I roared and thundered and pounded my way around the room… everything new, everything so small and weak compared to me.  I only wanted to express my anger, my strength, my power… and nothing more.  Until I spotted my own vision in the mirror: so shapely, so toned, so new and curvy and strong.  What a woman I’d become!

I became fascinated by my own body, posing, flexing, and grunting and bulging as my muscles erupted, popped, and emerged all over my feminine body.  I was so turned on.  It didn’t take long to explode, body, mind, and soul, into one tremendous, earth-shattering, primal orgasm.  I awoke again… nude, my pajamas in tatters, my thoughts turning to the memory of the strength of my most primal self.