"I recently brought my first clip from you and was really impressed. You are really gorgeous and a huge turn-on to watch. I can't wait to see more."

Every Last Drop Belongs to Me


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15 June 2021

Oh, you shouldn’t be wasting your time checking in on your bedridden mother when you have much more exciting things to do… But you’re so thoughtful and considerate and you KNOW I appreciate it.

So much so that… well, you KNOW what your presence does to me. You know what not having you – FULLY, at least twice a day – does to me.

I’m soooo aching for it. For you. For your luscious cock. And I can’t help but divulge everything I’ve been dreaming about, as I lie here, away from you, without you, unable to HAVE you.

I know precisely what I’m going to do to you, and beg you to do to me, as soon as I’m able. And you better not leave your mother empty-handed!