"It almost seems unfair that someone should be lucky enough in the gene pool lottery to look like you at the same time as being so brainy."

Just Checking in on You…


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31 October 2017

Hello! Oh, I miss you sooo much. What’s happening there? Anything fun at school? And… you’re not letting yourself be distracted from your studies are you?

Oh, I can’t believe I only get to talk to you on Skype now! You’re so far away… just remember to keep an eye on your grades and don’t let yourself be distracted by anything… like S-E-X! No, no, your dad and I would be very upset with you. No, you should find other ways to deal with any of those… inclinations.

You know (don’t make your mom say it!!), take “care” of those needs in other ways. You know… find some “material” or something… or whenever you happen upon some visual “stimulation,” just record it, use it… you know… if you were even doing anything NOW, well, I wouldn’t know. I can’t see under your desk! ha ha! I mean, you could be doing ANYTHING. Not that you’d want to, around your mother, but… that would be much better for you than getting involved with those little girls there on campus… messy relationships, dangerous diseases.

I mean, honey, I want to make sure you know that your mother would be very supportive of you taking care of your needs in other ways… you know, if you see anything around that happens to turn you on… or if…. I mean, if I sit up like this, I don’t even look like your own mother, do I? You can’t see my face on camera… I could be any…. sexy woman… and you should take advantage of that. It’s safer than sex!