"You are hands down the best at what you do. Irresistible."

Eat Your Cum – or Don’t – for Your Demanding StepMommy and Her Breasts


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4 September 2010

SPECIAL DOUBLE FEATURE – TWO OPTIONAL ENDINGS!! What in the world are you doing?!?! You didn’t expect to get caught, did you!! Well, you should’ve been watching the clock then to know when I would arrive home and catch you red-handed stroking your little cock!!! Is this what you do EVERYDAY while I’m away??? My goodness… I’m so shocked!

Oh, I know what to do for this case… and just what punishment to issue you! Now, do as StepMommy says and you better finish up! Is it breasts that you like? Well, then let me show you StepMommy’s cleavage in her silky blouse…