"Love watching your videos even if some aren't fantasies of mine, your acting really pulls me in every time."

Do You Jerk and Come When You Look at Big-Breasted Beauties?


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23 July 2014

Oh, yes. I know EXACTLY what you’ve been up to, you naught boy. I know you stare at those photos of big breasted women on the internet and jerk off. I know you reach out to your computer screen to those huge bosomed glamorous ladies playing in video… and I know you wank off and come for my amazing tits as well.

I know what you get up to, I know just how much you LOVE big boobs, but now, you’re ONLY going to jerk off to MINE! You’re going to jerk it now, you’re going to jerk it hard, and your’e going to come ONLY when I dictate. Get your cock ready… I’m going to convince you that MY big breasts are the only ones worth looking at and drooling over and coming all upon!

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