"I just recently discovered your amazing work. Holy hell you are gorgeous."

Do Not SAY Things Like that to Your Mother


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27 July 2021

What’s a mother to do? Living under one roof with two alpha male types… both insanely competitive with one another – and it’s only grown more excessive over time. EVERYTHING is a competition.

And when the two get going… they don’t know when to stop. This time, for the first time, she’s caught in the middle – herself the subject of the competitive banter.

It’s all taken a torrid twist. Who’s joking, who’s not? What’s just fun and games and what… is telling of the new love affair destined to come? And who is ultimately in control of the final outcome?

It all begins with one statement her son says – out loud – in front of his mother AND his father. “I’ll fuck you better than he does.” Or does he just think it to himself as he sets out to seduce his own mother…