"I get really excited every time I go to clips4sale and I see you have a new sexy adventure waiting for us."

Controlling and Humiliating You with Laxatives your Every Waking Moment


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17 September 2010

You’re looking smug today… What gives you all of that confidence and self-assurance? Is it just because I said I have something special in mind for you? You should know me better. Or perhaps, you love being tortured and humiliated.

I know how you love surprises… I’ve thought of a way to keep us both entertained and your days full of surprises while I’m unable to torture you myself. Are you ready to hear my plan? It involves three bottles of water, your favorite laxative powder that dissolves clearly, a bit of confusion over which bottle you will have actually added the laxative to, AND very specific rules for you to follow over the next few days.

Yes, I’m going to take very good care of you in my absence. I’m always looking out for you… and your personal pain, submission, and absolute discomfort and humiliation. Now, TODAY all the fun begins…