Tara, I’m a massive fan of your work, you are the best at what you do by far!

"Tara, I'm a massive fan of your work, you are the best at what you do by far!"

Dial the Dirty-Hot-Sex Line… for Unexpected Kink


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28 July 2014

You know you want to… just dial. Dial up your own personal phone sex line, your own personal sexy girl at your command. What are you into? Whatever it is, I’m game. Your fantasy is MY fantasy. I’m your dream girl, girlfriend, hot wife, anything you want: all rolled into one. Who do you want me to be for you?

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time. I’ll take it slow; I’ll be gentle. I’m proud to take your phone sex line cherry. As you listen, you’ll quickly discover just what everyone’s raving about. You’ll soon want me like you’ve never wanted anyone or anything else. You’ll want to explore every inch of my dirty mind while you find you can ONLY get off to the sound of my erotic voice. Everyone who calls in becomes addicted. And you’ll soon see why… I get all the flirtier, all the cheekier, all the dirtier as the minutes roll by.

I may play innocent at first, but I know, in the end, I’ll have you buy the balls as you’re spraying your seed EVERYWHERE just because I told you to. Just remember my name for when you dial up again soon: Tara, your sweet new phone sex addiction.