“You are the shimmering beacon of hope to me in the world of internet, where quantity surpasses quality ten thousand fold with degenerative crap which purely insults any intelligence of a man, but unfortunately yet so few of us seems to dare to demand for higher standards to meet our needs.”

Quick and Dirty Series: My Dirty Thoughts Will Make You Come


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2 November 2011

Let’s see… how can I test your masturbatory abilities and your masculine desire? How can I meet the ongoing challenge you present in teasing and pleasing you in all new ways? I know how qualified a seductress I am… YOUR seductress.

Now, can you come by peering upon my sweet face alone? By looking into my naughty eyes, listening to my dirty talk, feeling the depth of our personal connection, and watching my seductive mouth and lips soothe you to ecstasy? Oh, I’ll permit you a full-frontal nude glance to start… and then you’re going to work up an orgasm while watching my face alone. And if you truly admire me, you’ll grant me the gift of your coming all over my face!