“You are the hottest one out there on so many fronts.”

"You are the hottest one out there on so many fronts."

Determined to Find a Single High Heel I Can Go Out in with Crutches


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14 October 2009

I’m all dressed up for a fun night out…. now, all I have to do is find a single high heel shoe I can wear beside my bandages sprained ankle tonight. Something to match my long, flowy dress, something to help distract everyone from the ugly sight of my swollen foot, something I can somehow walk in with my crutches. Is that possible?

I’m going to try every single one of these pairs… I means SINGLE SHOES… on until I find just the right one. I might topple over once or twice, but I’m determined to find a shoe I can actually walk in… I mean, hop in, I mean, limp with! Oh, this is a dangerous task!