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Subconsciously Dangling My Sexy Pumps and Stockings


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14 September 2009

I’m lost in thought, taking notes and scribbling away. Occasionally, I’ll pause to nibble on the end of my pen without even noticing. Mmmm… what do I need to write down next?

My sexy patent leather pump is already dangling dangerously from my toes. My foot’s so nice and cool and relaxed, but I’m still not thinking about it. Ooooh, an itch on my knee! Just have to push my sheer stocking gently down my thigh to carefully scratch away that itch on my newly exposed skin. Ahhh!

Now, back to my writing… ooops, now my ankle itches! I can get it if I just push my stocking down a bit further… ahhhh…. Next, my heels, and then my entire foot will be exposed… without even thinking about it!

And the other leg and foot… Oooh, rubbing my nylons completely off my bare feet in the carpet is so deliciously sensual! Once my high heels drop after dangerously dangling on my feet once again, my bare little tootsies and toes are finally completely free!