"I can't believe I hadn't heard of you earlier, but better late than never! Of all the incredible things I've seen on the internet, nothing compares to your POV videos. OMG to the Nth!"

Caught You Staring… Now, Come for My Feet!


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9 April 2011

I was conducting just another routine employee interview, questioning him on his job satisfaction as a new hire, his views and opinions, his ideas and suggestions. I wasn’t paying him any particular attention, just trying to get through another workday, another boring interview… and happened to be fidgeting with my pumps.

I was merely toying with them with my bare feet and exposed toes, sliding my feet into them and letting them drop off again, even dangling them from my toes. I thought nothing of it. But apparently, he was thinking a LOT about it. He’d been watching me… and after a few odd glances, I realized he was completely focused on my feet, absorbed in my dangling of my shoes on my bare feet.

What could I do but call him on it, tease him, and begin to toy with him? What a fun afternoon for both of us… what a soothing, naughty reward deposited in my shoe…