"I think you are wonderful and I've never been as excited by a woman before you."

Your Cum Deserves to Be All Over My Big-Breast Bra Cups


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1 August 2019

Oh, how I love to tease you… and please you.  I know how much you crave the sight of a beautiful bra… especially wrapped around my amazing breasts.  See this deep cleavage, these creamy mounds?  Imagine how strong these tiny sexy straps must be.  Look at how the lace hugs my curves, making this beautiful frame around my breasts.

I look like I’m going to burst right out of my bra, don’t I.  I might… while you’re watching.  While my enormous bosom is just under your nose, while my bra is tickling your face, while you’re masturbating at my command and destined to fill my bra cups with your cum…

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