“I can see why you are #1 on C4S”

"I can see why you are #1 on C4S"

Confiding in You with a Horrible Tale I Trust You Know Nothing About


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13 January 2010

I’m so glad you’re here!! My best friend and confidante… boy, do I have a tale for you today! Oh, it was the most horrible experience of my life, beginning to end!

It’s almost unbelievable… but I knew YOU would believe me… and sympathize with my predicament. You’re always on my side. We share EVERYTHING, don’t we? We have no secrets. Why haven’t you and I ever dated? Hmmmm…

Oh, yes, my story! Well, it all began when I went to that public nude beach last weekend. Remember when I invited you? And you just made up excuses not to go with me… Well, I was there all by myself and then, I saw this handsome man… Oh, I had no idea in that first moment what an ordeal I would be going through!!!