"You are my absolute favourite 'instructor'. I love the way you talk and love your voice. You also send a nonjudgement vibe which I like, some sort of kindness. That's what MOST of your colleague's lack."

Come, Teacher, COME!


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10 September 2014

Oh, you’re going to come for me all right… no matter how dirty it makes you feel, no matter how wrong you think it is. You’re the teacher; I’m your student. But what choice do you have when you find me waiting for you at your desk?

The door’s closed; we’re the only ones in the classroom. And I won’t stop taunting you… teasing, playing, and revealing that I know exactly what effect hearing my sweet little lips say “come” and “cum” has on you. You’re going to come all over your own desk! You naughty teacher…

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