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Daddy Caught Me; Then, He Wanted to Watch


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28 April 2017

I’ve been waiting ALL day to get off!  School’s finally out, and I’m so glad I’m home all alone.  The last thing on my mind is my homework… I want to find my favorite pillow!  Oh, it feels so good… who needs boys?!  Riding and grinding on my firm pillow is like… the ideal man!  Mmmmm… I wonder how many times I can make myself come today… a new record maybe?  Wait… DAD!!!!!

What… you weren’t home!  Why’d you just burst into the room like that?!!  I called out, and you didn’t answer!  I wasn’t doing anything… what do you mean if I act like a “sex slut” in your house you’re going to make me be one in front of you?!

No.  That’s bad, dad!!  It’s so wrong to make me do it while you watch… I’m going to point out just how dirty you are while I do what you say!  You make me so mad… I’m going to come one last time just for you, perv!!  Go on, jerk to your little girl!  Mom’s going to be home any second, you know… dirty daddy!

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