"I have been watching many cei videos, but the only time I actually went through with it was while watching you. Two times actually. Only because of your fucking charm."

Seducing Your Teacher and Leaving Her Wanting So Much More


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7 September 2021

The tables are turned. She’s putty in your hands — ultimately. You’re not 100% sure… you’ve never attempted so before. But you’ve got your eye on an older woman this time, your first.

You’re a master of seduction, so incredibly tuned into the feminine persuasion: their needs, wants, weaknesses. The things that make them all quivery, desperate, begging for more. And it’s your favorite teacher that you want this time, the hottest teacher in school.

How convenient that she suggests a “talk” after class as you approach her desk and start chatting her up. She may have things on her mind she’d like to say… to get off her chest. But you fully intend to be all over her chest… and you’ll get even more than that.

In fact, the biggest turn on of all is how you work her, from beginning to end, how she has no idea what’s coming, how every move you make and every word you say is all suggestive, seductive, conniving. You just can’t wait to hear her scream out – on her desk, in the classroom she supposedly controls.