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Cheerleader Plays a Trick and Makes Endless Fun of Your Small Penis


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4 June 2009

Oh, my… I have the BEST idea ever! I love to pick on and tease you horny guys who love to stare at us cute cheerleaders during practice… I’m totally going to switch the signs over the girls and boys’ locker rooms. Know why? ‘Cause then I can trick you into showering in the GIRLS’ shower!!

I can’t wait to catch you, throw open the shower curtain, and…. Oh, no way! Is that your penis? That itty bitty boner and super small wee wee?? Ha ha ha ha!

Thank goodness I have my camera with me! And I’ve just thrown your towel and clothes right out into the gym… You know what that means! You have to do every single thing I say if you want to get your stuff back and be able to escape before the ENTIRE cheerleading squad comes in… and I know they’d laugh at you too!

Better start jerking that tiny weiner for me… Oh, but that’s not NEARLY all that I have planned for you!

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