“You have a great talent for role playing!”

"You have a great talent for role playing!"

Snobby Cheerleader Develops BIG Crush on Nerd Due to His Secret Potion


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28 August 2010

I can’t believe I’m actually spending my afternoon stuck with this N-E-R-D!!! Gross! He’s so… well, so… I totally KNOW he must think he’s so much smarter than I am. Well, maybe that’s so, and I do need his big brain to help me study and save my grade, but still!

It’s so gross to even sit next to him! He just stares at me. I KNOW what he’s thinking! If I can just get this over with… and FAST!

Hmmm… I never noticed that before. His voice is kind of interesting. Kind of manly actually. I never noticed that before. If I can just get him to give me all the answers for tomorrow’s test. I know he must know them already!

Hmmm… he kind of has a cute, quirky smile too. I feel kind of dizzy… and kind of turned on. I never noticed any nerds before. This one is starting to get me all hot and bothered!