"I just cannot get enough of your videos."

High School Girl Fantasizes about Fellow Cheerleader


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7 March 2009

Ahh, practice was so hard today. I’m all sticky and sweaty now. You don’t mind, do you? Oh, I wish I could jump as well as that hot girl on my cheerleading team. She’s so cute in her short little uniform skirt! I love her legs… She can jump so high and looks so good doing it.

Sometimes, I like to stand behind her while we’re working on our routines so I can catch a glimpse of her cute little ass when she’s jumping up in the air! Oh, if you could only see… Maybe I should invite her over for some extra practice. Maybe I’d get a chance to sit really close to her… and even touch her bare knee. Think I could?

Maybe I could get her to show me her panties. Oh, it feels SO good to put my own hand down my panties while thinking of hers….