"It almost seems unfair that someone should be lucky enough in the gene pool lottery to look like you at the same time as being so brainy."

Cheerleader Catches on to Your Foot Fetish During Your Tutoring Session


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21 August 2009

You’ve generously offered your time and registered with the local high school as a tutor for the 18+ seniors in your own home. When one of your students arrives for your scheduled tutoring session together in her cheerleading uniform straight from practice, you find yourself very distracted… especially by her wiggling feat laced up in tennis shoes.

You just can’t stop staring at them while you’re trying to issue instructions and direct your studious and somewhat impatient new acquaintance. Then, your worst fear is realized. She catches you staring at her! She’s so quick to accuse you of having “one of those foot fetishes.”

You know you’re in deep trouble when she’s threatening to tell the school principle on you and starts teasing you with her feet all the more. Did she just say something about demanding that you smell her feet?! Suddenly, little miss cheerleader isn’t so bored as she starts to toy with you.

How are you going to get yourself out of this one? All you can do is follow her every order…

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