“You truly control the hottest, strongest orgasms I’ve ever had, and the way you do it blows me away, literally.”

"You truly control the hottest, strongest orgasms I've ever had, and the way you do it blows me away, literally."

Caught in the Act and at Your Mercy… or Am I?


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8 February 2018

I’m busted!  I thought you and your wife weren’t home, that the contents of your bedside safe would be all mine, but you caught me red-handed!  I found myself at your mercy, caught in the act, and nothing to defend myself against your anger and the police you told me were already on their way… well, except for my best “weapons” of all.  I know I don’t have much time… I could be dragged off to jail in a matter of minutes.  It doesn’t take me long to notice that photo of you and your wife on the table… she’s not actually very attractive.

My escape route is already secured.  I gingerly make my way nearer to you, innocently holding up my hands, and ensure you have full view of my figure… Yes, it’s just a matter of time now.  I slowly reach for the zipper on my jacket… carefully pull it down… and reveal the best pair of tits you’ve ever seen.  I call you on it.  I tease you about it.  I play on your desire to have more… I give you permission to look at them; I encourage it, in fact.

You’re already in the palm of my hand… and as soon as I convince you to lay down your weapon and drop your pants, I’ve already made my way right out your front door!  I’ve left you to jerk to your blissful memory of my perfect cleavage… and luckily for you, those fantasies you have after I’ve left in reality, are VERY in-your-face vivid!