"Everything is exciting about you, especially your playful nature."

Parental Guidance Suggested


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6 September 2016

I caught my son watching porn, in the privacy of his bed in the middle of the night. I was shocked at first but… I do understand a boy has… needs. I thought it best if I allowed him to continue watching… but with parental guidance.

I believe in honesty… full disclosure… when it comes to raising a son, answering his questions, teaching him how to behave, how to treat a woman, that sex is natural, beautiful, fun. I babbled on about foreplay, intercourse… even fetishes… while we watched his chosen sort of porn.

I thought it was all going so well, just a bit of impromptu sex ed…. THEN HE TOUCHED MY BREAST.

I’m sure it wasn’t premeditated, I’m sure he never even would’ve guessed he’d be moved to do such a thing. But it happened and… that’s when I learned the poor boy has no sexual experience at all – HAD no experience at all. He’s never even seen a naked woman before.

I did the only natural thing, the right thing for a mother to do: I showed him my breasts. I allowed him to touch them. I guess it was only natural to find he had an erection. I admit… I was flattered my son actually found me sexy, attractive. He started jerking… I kind of liked it. Then, he asked to see the rest of me… So, what else was I supposed to do?