"WOW!!!! Now I understand what makes you Numero Uno! You are not only beautiful and erotic but an amazing person too."

But I CAN’T Give You the Shirt Off My Back!


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12 September 2019

She chose to represent herself in court, to defend her own case. Confident, poised, and ready for the announcement of the verdict she know will be in her favor, she’s utterly shocked when she learns the judge has ruled in favor of the plaintiff. Now, she owes a handsome fine, and a new law forces it to be paid immediately.

Before she’s even permitted to leave the courtroom, despite her finding she’s without her purse and any means of payment, she must PAY. The judge decides all of her belongings—her jewelry, shoes, even the shirt of her back—will suffice as a down payment on the large sum she now owes.

Before everyone, forced by the hand of justice, she must hand over everything she has with her in this very moment. EVERYTHING.

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