"The long kiss on the bed melted me, you are a wonderful actor, it felt so real, so awkward, then so passionate with the kiss, and to think you film and act most of this all by yourself ...wow."

Do Not SHOW Things Like That to Your Mother


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17 August 2021

You… I’m STILL tormented by what you did, what you SAID, to me, your mother. But I think I handled it well, handled myself well. Oh, you made me so ANGRY! Disappointed. Shocked.

But… I thought it was all behind us, that you’d learned your lesson. Until I got a call from my best friend. She said… the most shocking things of all.

You… you actually had SEX with her??! She said… well, she said so very much. Things I didn’t want to know, never needed to know, about my own son. DETAILS. And she told me that you had something on your mind when you showed up at her door with the obvious intention to seduce her.

She said… she said… you had ME on your mind. I just can’t believe everything that’s happened. Everything done that can’t be undone… and I’m going to be forced to confront you AGAIN.