"I am often hesitant to purchase others' clips, because more often than not I find they don't quite live up to my expectations. Yours blew me away."

Did You Like What You Got to See?


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30 August 2018

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

You’re such a good boy.  Mommy always says so.  So, why is she being so short and curt with you now, just when you only want to be around her, only want her gentle attention before the day is over?  She’s all dressed up in a way you haven’t seen before.  She says she has a “special guest” coming over and you must get to bed right away.

But when you later hear your own mother moaning and crying out, what are you to do??  Your curiosity gets the best of you and you slowly push open the door to your own mother’s bedroom… She’s on her knees, her silk robe’s fallen around her ankles, she’s moving back and forth and moaning even louder.  Do you dare look again?

Your mother’s standing now, bent over at the waist, bouncing back and forth and screaming in delight… she spots you!  …and she smiles seductively as you watch her grimace, moan, scream, and finally, come with a giant orgasm.  You scurry off to bed… only for your mother to come downstairs to your bedroom and ask you if you like what you got to see.  You can’t answer, but your erect cock does when your mother pulls back your bed covers.

Then, she knows you liked watching her being fucked… do you want to pleasure mommy too?