"I just wanted to thank you for all that you do, you are amazing!!"

Bullied and Humiliated Until You Give In


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13 December 2011

Hey, nerd boy. Yeah, you! Did you get the homework assignment, that thing the teacher said about the essay? I bet you did. And you’ve probably got it half-written already, don’t you. You nerds… you know, I could use some help with my own homework. Well, I want you to do it all for me, actually.

It’ll be easy to you. Just write an essay in my name, make it awesome. I need a certain grade, you piece of crap. What else are you good for anyway? Why don’t you have a girlfriend? Do nerds or geeks EVER get girlfriends? Ha! Look at you… if only you dressed better or… looked less… UGLY.

You’re gonna do my assignment for me, right? You better, or there’ll be hell to pay. Is that clear? You know you want to anyway. Seeing my cleavage is reward enough, isn’t it? You bet!