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Big Breast Fan Falls Victim to His Ultimate Fantasy


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17 May 2010

I know he’s out there watching me. AGAIN! MY new neighbor thinks I’m not even aware… and I can feel his eyes burning on my cleavage all the way over here! I’ve got to do something about his rude habits. He can’t get away with this…. watching me all the time without enough respect to even pay me a verbal compliment.

I’ll just have to invite him over. That’ll be easy. I’ll treat him to a carefully prepared beverage, something special and one of my favorite family potions… when he’s completely helpless and immobile, I’ll work my magic as I explain just why he’s become my victim and deserves to be subjected to my will.

He can kiss life, as he knows it, goodbye. He’s going to spend the rest of his life as my personal bra!