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Be Your True Gay Self


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26 November 2012

I know your secret. All the evidence is there. In fact, I can even list for you ALL the reasons why it’s so very obvious that you’re actually GAY. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I want to help you. I’m your friend. I want to encourage you and support you in just being yourself. Finally. I want to convince you to be your true, gay self.

I know you have a “bi” fetish… that you collect gay porn… that you jerk off to it. I know you think of men while you’re with women, that even when you’re masturbating to straight porn, you’re thinking of MEN. Come on. Just say it. Repeat after me: I am gay! I love men! I dream about sucking cock!” Oh, I know you do. Stop denying it. Just confess…

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